Torque Drift 2

Torque Drift 2

(In Development) From the colorful drift scene of Tokyo streets to professional competitions sponsored by global brands, Torque Drift 2 invokes all aspects of drift culture and offers an experience as diverse and dynamic as the motorsport itself.
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Build your car

Create the ultimate drift car. Tune your build for optimal track performance in the garage, or design a car to showcase your unique aesthetic vision in the paintshop. Get your hands dirty and represent your favorite brands with parts and decals from all your favourite real aftermarket manufacturers.


High intensity, close proximity drift battles in both closed circuit and street layouts. Get amongst the action in open lobbies for social drifting to earn rep or join structured tournaments for rank on the world stage. Featuring new dedicated drift physics, immersive smoke, crowds simulation, and a realistic damage system.

Collect Digital Assets

Earn and collect real world licensed digital parts, cars, decals and items to build up your car and profile within Torque Drift 2. Sell and trade items to build unique car setups for special events, or even create your own car tune and paint jobs that are easily shared and sold within the marketplace.

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