Torque Drift 2 receives Epic MegaGrant from Epic Games

18 AUGUST 2022

Grease Monkey Games, is a recipient of Epic MegaGrant from Epic Games, which will be used to support for Torque Drift 2, its latest motorsport game, currently in development.

Launched in 2019, Epic MegaGrants is a program that helps accelerate creative, noteworthy and innovative projects built in and around Unreal Engine, as well as those that enhance the open source 3D graphics ecosystem.

Grease Monkey Games joins a line-up of Epic MegaGrant recipients spanning more than 89 countries. The MegaGrant will be utilized to help fund the development of new drift physics in Torque Drift 2, which will enable the company to produce its most immersive and true-to-life motorsport game yet.

Torque Drift 2 is the newest addition to Grease Monkey Games’ popular motorsport game portfolio and the REVV Motorsport ecosystem. The game represents the next generation of motorsports products leveraging blockchain technology, where fully functional and playable NFTs are a core feature used to deliver true digital ownership of game assets to players.